Friday, June 28, 2019

The world in the mirror

Sitting alone, thinking about the world, sometimes it feels that there is no end to the thinking. Sometimes, it feels that there is no end to the worrying. There is no end. Then the other moment, I feel that we can not find peace in this world by thinking about the world. We can find peace from within our own selves but not by being a person fully involved and concerned about the world without letting go of many things that come by in life.

Real Maturity that comes in life is a form of intelligence to be concerned about the world and the ability to be able to accept, let go and face whatever comes in life. That kind of maturity takes time, conscious efforts and undoubtedly it takes mature companionship in life. Any of these things stimulate healthy thinking.

Healthy thinking is however an individual process that needs contemplation and clarity. Contemplation comes with care. Clarity however does not always come with experience; it does come with knowledge and a proper state of mind.

Our perception about the world does not justify the reality of the world but rather on the contrary it is a reflection of our own character. Our character undoubtedly has a major impact on our thinking and our perception determines what we perceive about the world.

It is just like the world in the mirror. We see our own selves in the mirror and the world is in the mirror. Healthy thinking needs a clear mirror and a clear self too. If the mirror is not clear, we need to clear that. We need to have a proper state of mind for that and knowledge and right companionship. If the self is not clear, we need to clear that. A character of value has to be built with time, efforts and the right choices in life.
Photo: Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur
Picture courtesy: Harshit Walia