Saturday, September 05, 2015

Love is too great A burden

The world is beautiful and there are so many good people all around. And these good people teach us many good things. One of those good things is that we should love everybody. We should be kind to people. We should not deceive anybody. We should act morally. These concepts are quite interesting. So, all kinds of good people are spreading so much goodness all around. So there are so many good concepts, some of which I just mentioned.

But frankly speaking, all these concepts are just bullshit nonsense. Seriously! In the real journey of life, all these good concepts are just bogus and outdated. It looks good to read it and you'll feel good to hear that. But if you practically implement that in real life, then I bet you don't gain much as far as consciousness, enlightenment and all the spiritual values that we talk about. I tell you, righteous conduct of manhood is different from what society teaches us. Society only teaches us ways to be an adjustable part of the society.

I'm not cursing goodness. Neither am I spreading negativity. Am I? I'll come to the main point. What I'm trying to focus on is not goodness, is not love but consciousness. Truth is, goodness is the very essence of a noble man and love is what we live for. But we cannot attain to goodness by focusing on goodness and we cannot love by focusing on love. It seems complicated and is actually very complicated. Because all these values have been taught to us by the people who were not enlightened. And by learning these values, our journey towards our own enlightenment is hampered.

"Yes, we have to fill our hearts with goodness and love." We have to make the world better and we have to spread love all around. But my main focus is that we should know the way to our own enlightenment. We should realise how we will become what we should be. And if we go on the wrong way, we would never reach the goal, the goal to reach the higher levels of consciousness where we would be able to claim with confidence that the conduct of our manhood is righteous and justifiable. And the right way, I bet is very complicated. I call it complicated because the way we are, is going to make "the way" seem complicated enough.

Love is too great a burden for us. We are unable to carry the weight of love and goodness on us while moving on in life, while rising in our innate and passionate quest for spiritual enlightenment. It is certainly a burden because the right way is far ahead of us. Last but not the least, the right way is to develop our consciousness. That is truly the only way on which we attain to absolute goodness and love in our hearts. And that'll for sure not make you realise that you're on the wrong way.

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