Friday, August 07, 2015

Love without Attachment

After many years of meditation, my perspective on love has changed completely. Like everybody, I used to understand love as attachment. But, the more I became a meditator, the more my ideas on love have shifted towards the truth. Attachment is like bondage. Love is like heaven. Love without attachment is like true love.

Almost everybody thinks that attachment to a person is love. But, this is not true. Attachment is a mad love where obsession, jealousy and possessiveness are rooted deep inside. This is the reason why couples live a dissatisfied love life. Misery is bound to come along with Attachment. It is a psychological fact.

Modern life is not an ordinary life where television, media, entertainment and technology have become the major part of personal and professional life. In the world of films and television programs, you will often come across Love Stories revolving around attachment. Then, all you will learn about love is just attachment and nothing higher. But, this is not love.

Modern life is a race. And the whole social structure is nothing more than a disorder. Young people are growing up watching the violence, attachment and the so called love stories on television and films. Socially, we have moved far away from truth. Time has come to move closer to truth so that we can be blessed by god- the ultimate reality. But, the journey to truth is always an individual journey. And, your journey towards truth is going to be your journey. My journey towards truth is going to be entirely mine.

Without darkness, light loses its significance. Comfort and luxury in life often resist you from moving towards a truthful psychology. But, there have always been Buddhas who continue to move alongside the so called society. So, whenever you get a chance to listen or read an enlightened religious figure, please go ahead and find your journey.

But, reading or listening to a buddha will not do the job. The disordered social pattern of our so called society needs meditation so that you can start meditating and become a buddha. And, until you become a buddha, you will never understand the true sense of love and the false substance of attachment.

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