Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Little Women and Me- Book Review

This book "Little Women and Me" is an amazing creative work of Lauren Baratz Logsted. The author of this book is an extraordinarily talented woman. As compared to the classic novel "Little Women," this book is a masterpiece creation to showcase a writer's imagination of a better book.

Being an occasional book reviewer, I happen to write book reviews of some very few books that attract my attention and appreciation. I believe that my personal blog photocoke.com deserves this book review because this book project is a rare phenomenon. If you're a fan of the famous classic novel Little Women and want a modern touch to that old novel, then Lauren's Novel is the best thing for you.

A small girl is given an assignment to describe what she would like to change about a classic novel. She starts with the novel Little Women and enters her imagination into the 1860s time period of the old book.

Should you read this book? Yes, if you would like to experience the adventure of a famous novel with a modern touch. No, if you would not like to change the image of an original story. Last but not the least, you should read this book to know how a fresh perspective of an awesome story can do wonders in the writing world.