Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Mad Old Man

Being an Indian, I've came accross many families who have suffered from the insanity of some mad old man. I've used the term "The Mad Old Man" because according to me, its a special type of human being. In India, its a common trend that the younger generation has to suffer from the behavioural problems of an old man in their family.

Generation gap is the commonly used excuse for many types of family tortures and disputes in India. And, there are some other excuses also. In many families where the head of the family is acting as a dictator-type father or grandfather, the younger generations have to tolerate the behavioural problems of some mad old man in the name of obedience, respect and so-called religion. In most of the families, the younger generations never feel respect for their elders because they have been forced to obey them and also because they don't like them.

Being a regular meditator and a fitness enthusiast, I personally believe that health should be the top most priority in every life. Body and mind are two poles of the same phenomenon. In fact, health problems in your body will occur parallel to mental problems(mind problems). And, mental problems will occur parallel to health problems in your body. Its my personal experience that mental health is directly proportional to your physical health. If you improve your physical health, mental health will automatically improve and vice versa.

"The Mad Old Man" is a special human type and these types of human beings basically suffer from health problems. India happens to be one of the highest number of doctor producers in the world. And, there are many doctors who are suffering from mental problems. If the doctor himself is suffering from mental problems, you can expect the kind of ridiculous treatment he's going to provide to his patients. This is the crazy situation of our world.

The older generations are suffering from various physical and mental problems. And the younger generations have to suffer many types of mental tortures from the behavioural and psychological problems of the so-called normal humans. Being a regular blog writer, I feel a whole lot of compassion and love for the newer generations and my personal opinions happen to be seeking hope and a better future for the innocent and intelligent Indian youth. Better health is the hope for a better future.

Physical fitness is not a one day game. To keep yourself physically fit, you need to take care of yourself and exercise regularly. Mental health is also not a one day game. To keep yourself mentally fit, you need to grow your wisdom throughout your life. I repeat, "physical health is directly proportional to your mental health."

Let me mention a small memorable incident in my life. Some years ago, I used to visit a meditation hall regularly. It was a late evening time when I met a person who started talking to me regarding some meditation experiences and spirituality. He was a sweet talking man with an exceptionally still mind. When I asked his age, I was amazed to know that he was a 73 year old man. I've never met a person with such a still mind, an extraordinary fitness and a god's grace on the face. When I asked him about his health secret, he told me that he's been doing meditation from the last 40 years and a regular morning gym workout is also part of his regular routine. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life. But, he was a rare phenomenon.

But, there have been many persons who never took care of their physical fitness. They've spent their whole life doing the same kind of routine things throughout their life. And, they believe that they are intelligent people. They've stopped learning new things in their life. They believe that they are aware of what is right and what is wrong. This is the older generation who is suffering from various physical health problems and mental problems. The ridiculous fact is that nobody is there to diagnose their mental problems. They're not getting psychologically treated and they're still living in their families along with their behavioural and mental disorders. 

"The Mad Old Man" is an ugly fact of our so-called society. I've seen many families in which young boys and girls are suffering from mental depression and anxiety disorders because they've continued tolerating the behavioural problems of their elders. This blog article on my personal blog photocoke.com is one of my favourite articles because there is nothing higher than igniting the individual intelligence of the indian youth. The better family of the better world is going to be a family full of healthy old men and responsible youth.

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